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Field Trips & Tours

Field Trips & Tours

Group Tours at Crumland Farms

Teachers, Group Leaders & Party Planners, reserve your spot for an age-appropriate, interactive learning experience by emailing or by calling us at 301.845.8099.



The Pizza Farm at Crumland Farms

Season: May, June & July

Available: To Groups of 20+ by reservation only

Admission: $7/per person

Kids love pizza, but how many know what goes into making one? The Pizza Farm at Crumland is an interactive way to help children understand that all food—including pizza—originates on a farm.

To help them understand, we’ve planted a one-acre circle and divided it into 8 wedges. Inside each is a pizza ingredient: wheat, tomatoes, herbs—there’s even cheese, sausage and pepperoni…on the hoof, of course! It’s a great way for kids to see, touch and learn how their favorite food begins on the farm.

Crumland Farms is pleased to welcome preschools, daycare centers, first and second graders, home-schooling groups and birthday parties of 20 or more to the Pizza Farm 7 days/week by appointment only.

The Pizza Farm can also be tailored for older students as well. The great thing about farming (and pizza for that matter) is it can be tailored to almost any subject. For older students we can discuss the environmental impact of different farming methods, different world cultures and the different things that they eat on their pizza, and many other topics. Science, social studies, mathematics are all essential parts of farming.

Teachers, group leaders & party planners, reserve your spot for an age-appropriate, interactive learning experience by emailing, or by calling 301.845.8099.


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